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Gourmet Cuisine at the Hotel Rommisa more than a taste

Gourmet Cuisine at the Hotel Rommisa Restaurant in South Tyrol

A taste of the Pustertal Valley: genuine bliss

On the menu at our South Tyrolean Gourmet Hotel Restaurant you’ll find Regional, Mediterranean and International specialities. Himself a consummate gourmet, Philipp knows all about his ingredients, allowing him to innovate. This results in a varied menu, with platters ranging from traditional South Tyrolean to the sophisticated. Whatever the dish, you can be sure that it’s always well thought out and creatively prepared.


Rommisa Restaurant Cuisine

South Tyrolean, revisited

The freshest ingredients are from the hotel's own garden as well as the meadows and forests of the Pustertal Valley. Master cook and meat chef Philipp selects his ingredients judiciously. However, he doesn’t only limit himself to fillets and other choice cuts, also utilising other parts of the animal.

Fruit and vegetables also take pride of place in Philipp’s cuisine, as he creatively transforms the natural bounty from his own garden into authentic gourmet delights.

"...transforms the natural bounty from his garden into authentic gourmet delights..."

Pairing Wines

The Hotel Rommisa’s wine cellar

As a qualified wine sommelier, Katharina knows her wines. And for her, it’s not about choosing the most expensive wine. What counts is knowing which wine to select for each platter! At our gourmet hotel in the Pustertal Valley we promote good health, taking care of our guests, and preserving our environment for posterity.

Our junior chef knows how to mix excellent cocktails and understands a thing or two about whiskey. Senior chefs, Walter and Helene, also contribute such as by showing how juices are extracted from elderberry flowers or mountain herbs.


Bar and Restaurant

Socializing at the Hotel Rommisa

Our Bar and Restaurant in Oberwielenbach are convivial and sociable areas, where locals and guests have the opportunity to mix and exchange opinions, experiences and advice. You can receive useful hiking advice from the locals or enjoy a typical South Tyrolean Marende and join in a round of Watter, a traditional South Tyrolean card game.

We have a number of South Tyrolean specialities on the menu and also delight our guests with our innovative classic dishes. We regularly organise special events such as themed culinary weeks and summer barbecue evenings.

Breakfasts at the Hotel Rommisa - Holiday health and happiness

Join Helene at breakfast-time! In the morning, guests at our Gourmet Hotel in the Pustertal Valley are greeted with the smell of fragrant coffee, tea or special à la carte dishes.

Helene’s crispy rolls, homemade jams, colourful fruit bowls, original muesli and fresh farm dairy produce are designed to power you throughout the day!