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Hotel Rommisa - Rommisa SAS

Via St. Nikolaus 11
39030 - Perca
BZ, Italy

MwSt.Nr.: IT01251430219
Phone: +39 0474 401202

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Managing director

Katharina Niederwolfsgruber

Responsible for content and press

Katharina Niederwolfsgruber

Branding & Corporate Webdesign

2019 MARKENFEE – Branding & strategisches Corporate Design

Development and CMS

Kreatif SRL - "Web for Business"
Web-Design & Web-Development
Max Planck Strasse 33 
I-39100 Bolzano
South Tyrol, Italy


Armin Huber, Harald Wisthaler, Manuel Kottersteger, Hannes Niederkofler, TV Bruneck, Rotwild, Alex Filz, Cron4, Christian Wisthaler, Kirsten J. Sorries, Helmuth Rier, Sabine Weissenegger, Tourismusverband Kronplatz Genossenschaft

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Obligation to comunicate information on public revenue with legge del 04.08.2017 nr. 124